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Sbhekile Jewellers produces a wide variety of premium jewellery. As an artist, Sbhekile has designed a selection of unique and interesting ranges to choose from, including: the interlocking range, the warthog tusk range, the steel cable range, the ball bearing range and the cocktail range. Not only does Sbhekile manufacture these designs, but he also creates custom jewellery from designs and ideas you provide. Either way, quality, premium wearables are guaranteed.


Interlocking Range

Inspired by industrial and mechanical design based on interlocking codes {interlocking and puzzle}. The interlocking jewellery, represents interlocking codes of engineering how they lock and fit together to make one functional piece of jewellery that you can wear every day, also look innovative and stylish.

Cocktail Rings

Inspired by the different shapes and forms of rings and different contrasting colours, this selection is a set of cocktail rings made out of different precious metals and coloured gemstones.

Steel Cable Range

Inspired by the strength of cable and contrast of two complimentary colours. It is set of bracelet and matching ring, made out of stainless steel and sterling silver.

Ball Bearing Range

Inspired by the smoothness and highly polished of white metal. It is set of rings in two different styles full eternity and signet ring\ half eternity , made out of stainless steel and sterling silver.

Warthog Tusk Range

Inspired by african unique material a warthog tusk. It is the set of jewellery rings, shirt buttons, cufflinks, made out of a warthog tusk and sterling silver.

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